Rehearsal / Covid -19 Information

Like every other amateur choir we closed in the March Lockdown, and anxiously watched Government guidelines for when we could open, finally meeting again with many Covid-19 precautions on 28th September.

We meet now in the Church rather than the church hall to enable social distancing. Our numbers, unsurprisingly, have dropped to about half. Yet fortunately, we have still been able to offer four voices and, using Rutter’s European Sacred Music, have been trying out old favourites like Mozart’s Ave Maria and Franck’s Panis Angelicus, with less known and more challenging pieces such as Viadana’s Exsultate justi and Rachmaninov’s Ave Maria in phonetic Russian, which caused some giggling at our hapless pronunciation, though the final result had (almost) the gravitas of the Russian Orthodox service. We hope to use some of these pieces in our next concert, whenever that might be. Meantime it’s been a joy to sing collectively again, and we are so happy to have managed 6 weeks, with numbers rising each time.  

With ‘Lockdown Two’ we have been forced to stop again for a while, but we are ever hopeful that we can meet again on Monday 7 December!

Please check the website for updates and do get in touch if you are interested in joining us!